The MGFC Story

Mountain Grove Family Church is a new church growing out of the legacy of a local Church that had served the Mountain Grove community for almost 20 years.  


It’s not often that a struggling church can tell a success story. Our church was born out of a story like this.  A church had been in this location where we are currently in now and it was dying, just getting by but on the decline. They worried about their legacy what would they leave behind. What would happen to their investment in a building and property. Most importantly, what would happen to their vision of reaching people in Mountain Grove with the message of Jesus.


The Church that had been in this location before us through a series of conversations, they reached out to an organization that put them in touch with a larger church in Waynesville, Missouri with the prospect of restarting the church. This would not be as simple as changing the name and music style. This was in fact a completely new beginning. 


With Gods lead Westside Baptist Church in Waynesville, MO had decided to invest in the project and sending one of their Ordained Ministers, Associate Pastor Mark Fugitt as the church planter in Mountain Grove and officially started the Church in 2015. 


Our story is not just about logistics. It is about what God has done in our lives. We can clearly see his hand in the establishment of the new church and how he is bringing together the right people for the team, and we can’t wait to watch what happens in our community through His church.


And 2016 and 2017 Pastor Mark setup a biblical church model with multiple Pastor's, setting up a Teaching Pastor role being himself and a Youth/Family Pastor being Jeff Turner and a Missions Pastor role being Alan Thomas and a Outreach Pastor role being David Burnes and in a united Elder Leadership team. 


And at the end December 2017 Teaching Pastor Mark was called to Round Grove Baptist Church to help lead them in their walk with God.


Our vision is to reach outside the walls.  We want to behave like Jesus and this means having a real interest in helping and serving those who may not be members of MGFC.  We know the beginning of our story, but our goal is to have hundreds of people helping us write the rest of it!  We want to strengthen families and reach out to those who are missing from churches in our area.  When we teach, we are rooted in the Bible, but when we act, we will do so in ways that are relevant to those we are trying to connect with.  Our goal is to introduce you to Jesus, so He can be a part of your story.   

Here's a look at where we started:

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If your in need of help and assistance you can also contact: Wright County Crisis Center, 101 S Main St., Mountain Grove. 




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Because we exist to do more than sit in an office, it is best to call or email first.  But we would love to meet with you!  Please contact us to schedule a time! 


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