When We Meet

Current meeting time: 




             10:00 AM - Sunday Morning Bible Study Groups






             Youth: 7-12 grade 



             Adults: All ages



              11:00 AM - Worship Service


Wed Bible study - 6:30 All ages.  


Casual, come as you are, Everyone welcome. 


We have a biblical pastor team like the first century church model as Co-Pastor's and plurality of Elders in a Elder Leadership team.


In Scripture the leaders of the church are called Elders, Pastors, Shepherds and Overseers. These were not three separate offices in the church generally, but three names for the same office. A church typically will had several such Elder / Pastor / Overseers. They comprised of ordained men from the assembly who had demonstrated the gift of sound biblical teaching and leadership, as well as a genuine devotion to Christ. When the apostle Paul addressed the elders of the church at Ephesus Acts 20:17, he told them Acts 20:28 that the Holy Spirit had made them overseers and that they were to shepherd the church of God. In the Greek, the word shepherd is the same word (here in verb form) which is elsewhere translated pastor. Peter writes virtually the same thing in his first epistle 1 Peter 5:1-2., addressing the elders, and telling them to shepherd the flock, and to exercise oversight. 


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Mountain Grove

Family Church

P.O. Box 504

10410 E Business 60

Mountain Grove, MO 65711


Phone: 417 926-6431


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If your in need of help and assistance you can also contact: Wright County Crisis Center, 101 S Main St., Mountain Grove. 




Check out blog: plantingrural.com



Regular Hours

Because we exist to do more than sit in an office, it is best to call or email first.  But we would love to meet with you!  Please contact us to schedule a time! 


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